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Enroll at OIS

Registrations for the First Grade (Primary School) and Sixth Grade (Middle School) usually open in the month of October of the year preceding the frequency year.

For the upper classes, enrolment is always possible unless the maximum number of students per class has already been reached.

Primary School

  • Access to the First Grade class: no particular requirements are required in terms of previous knowledge of the English Language
  • Admission in Second and Third Grade classes: it is likely that students will have to take a short personalized path to recover the potential gap in the English language (if coming from Italian schools) or in Italian (if coming from foreign schools).
  • Admission in the final classes (Fourth and Fifth Grade classes): access is always possible but a greater commitment is required for the inevitable gap, especially in the German language skills.

Middle school

  • This cycle is the ideal continuation of the OIS primary school educational offer; for students coming from other schools, a modular proposal is available to allow them, with a minimum effort, to achieve appreciable results in a short time.

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School – Family relationship

An essential combination

Olona International School offers a dynamic and stimulating environment for all students who attend the school with commitment, dedication and love for knowledge; a primary role is entrusted to families, called to a continuous collaboration with the school with which they form a true partnership.

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